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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Welcome to our new Blog followers!

Great to see a few new followers coming on board!  Good to see I'm not blogging away to myself!

What do some of you know about SEO Search Engine Optimisation?  I'm about to go through the process with my web developer, it all sounds pretty straight forward (just a lot of work).

We started a Facebook Ad campaign nearly two weeks ago and so far it seems the most effective advertising we've done.  It isn't cheap, you pay by "click" but we already have many new fans, which is great to see.

I am feeling financially drained... as many of us do at this time of year.  But one of the very hard things about creating a new business is that your suppliers expect you to pay by cash for the first few months or orders.  This means we run close to the line as we have to have the stock ready, and so paid for, but not bought by a customer.

On the plus side we are getting some GST back, for our first period - that's always better than paying it!

I have completed my first GST return with the help of my other half's amazing "office girl" (not her official title!) and MYOB.  It's like learning another language for me.

Cadell will be turning three this weekend.  I always enjoy making his cake and this year we decided to make a ginger bread house.

Here's how the trial one looked, courtesy of Australian Master Chef recipe...

After a few hours sitting in this humid heat the windows started melting and over night the roof sagged and began to crack!  So it got rushed down to Tui to be eaten by all the kids there, before it looked like the squatters had moved in!
Until next time....

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