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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tarts, Flat Heads & Spotty Giraffes

Due to the massive glut in strawberries from our picking expedition on Cadell's birthday I found a scrummy looking tart recipe and made this master piece...

Actually the strawberries were on the turn and I baked the pastry case a little too long!  And when you compare it to the one where I found the recipe, it is a bit average - tasted good though!

Find the recipe here:  Strawberry Tart

So after the tart creation it was back to updating the Munchkins website and in particular the Meta Information to help with our Search Engine Optimisation.  Quite a process but it also means I'm trying to update the site more frequently and increase our Google hits.

Our facebook ad is humming away quite nicely with 71% of our fans being female and in the 25-44 years age group.  About 4 new people everyday like our page, which is very exciting.  I think this is the next best thing to word of mouth.  What kind of advertising and where is the advertising, that you see that will make go and visit a website?  Is it online or in magazines?

I would like to launch a new product that helps to prevent our tiny babies from getting a flat head while sleeping.  Its called the "Baby Head Rest" and here's the information...

Baby Head Rest

Made from shape memory foam with a soft cotton cover, the Baby-Head-Rest has been developed in Australia. It provides gentle support for baby’s head and allows natural head movements in babies 0-4 months of age.
Baby-Head-Rest does not restrict the movement of baby’s head in any way.
Baby-Head-Rest was designed in response to the dramatic increase in the incidence of Flat Head Syndrome (plagiocephaly) partly due to the successful SIDS Back to Sleep program. Medical professionals say that it is still very important to sleep babies on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS.

I think it would be great, as I know my little guy would sleep on his back despite being firmly wrapped and wedged. I know my nieces have done the same too.

If you can let me know what you think about the product, and can share this info on your own blog to reach as many people as possible please let me know - I can even send one to you for a free trial.

Munchkins is about to have new samples made for a new style of cot quilt "Spotty Giraffe"

It will look similar to this.  Giraffes seem to be an all round favourite, so what do you think?

I always enjoy any feedback so please leave your comments.

Once again have a Merry Christmas and remember to follow our blog and subscribe to our newsletter to win a huge and cuddly Milo Gorilla soft toy!


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