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Thursday, 12 January 2012

All things New and Healthy

Our wee family spent Christmas afternoon until the 30th at a bach in Whangamata.  It was a lovely time despite the fact that Cadell decided that "Mum" was only ever allowed to read to him and put him to bed.  He also cried almost when ever I went out without him! So despite my hopes of sharing the parenting load with the other half on holiday, grandparents and aunties and cousins around it didn't work out as I had hoped!

In fact I probably came home more knackered due to the late nights you inevitably have when on holiday with extended whanau!

However we made some great discoveries while up there.  Craig went trout fishing in the Tairua river up in the hills, a wicked spot for a fresh water swim.  Though Craig suspects that there are actually no trout in the river!

The Grandparents when on an early morning walk stopped in at Olivers Bakery and bought home Rosemary, Raisin and Rocksalt bread.  It is to die for!  So I couldn't wait to get home and try making my own.  I found Jamie Oliver's recipe and have made several loaves already.  Here's the link to the recipe  Rosemary and Raisin Bread
You really have to try it.  Making bread is so cathartic, and this recipe has not failed me yet.  The smell of fresh baked bread is to die for at the best of times, but laced with the fragrance of Rosemary as well is the stuff I dream of!!!

My darling sister gave me Wendyl Nissen's book, "Mother's Little Helper" an old fashioned guide to raising your baby chemical free.  Which you can buy from her Green Goddess website.  You will also find many other useful bits of info there.  She has a "No Knead" bread recipe, which I haven't yet tried, but she also inspired me to keep on making my own bread.  I can't believe how ridiculously cheap it is to make your own bread.  I get two very large loaves of Rosemary and raisin bread, each loaf lasting 2-3 days.  They cost no more than $2 a loaf to make, where as a loaf of Molenberg I was buying previously can cost between $4-$5, and certainly doesn't last any longer.

More about Wendyl and her wonderful inspiration in another post.
This is Caramelised Capsicum and Onion relish (recipe below courtesy of Nosh magazine) sheeps feta and ham served on a slice of delish roasemary and raisin bread, drooling just remembering it!
Caramelised Capsicum and Onion Relish
Super dooper easy to make, only down side was that my fiancee and I ate it all in one sitting!
1 red onion, finely sliced
1 red and 1 yellow capsicum thinly sliced
olive oil
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/4 cup brown sugar

Heat dash of oil in pan then add onion stir for a minute before adding capsicum.  
Gently caramelise for 15 minutes, allowing onion and capsicum to soften but not not get any colour. 
Add vinegar, brown sugar and some torn basil and stir.  Continue to cook for antoher 15 minutes or until all liquid has evaporated.
When cool store in airtight container in fridge, if there's any left to do that!

I didn't add basil, mainly because I couldn't be bothered going to my neighbours who is my supplier of all fresh herbs! But I'm sure it would give it a great kick.  I also left my capsicum in long slices, making it a bit tricky to eat, next time I'd cut them smaller.  Next time I would also double the recipe, so there is some to share with others!

My New Year's resolutions (if you can call them that) are
1) to keep tracking at the less than 4kg of total weight gained throughout this pregnancy.  That is I weigh 4kg less at 25 weeks this time than I did last time.
2) to get rid of many of the chemical nasties found in our household cleaners, laundry powder, baby bath and lotions, and facial cleaners by using Wendyl's recipes and other products I've found.
3) to manage our household spending with greater scrutiny, with a strict budget.

I'm the big spender in our house what with buying groceries, clothes, all of Cadell's activities, petrol, eating out, personal products/services etc.  I know I'm incredibly fortunate to have a partner who works hard to ensure I am able to stay at home, so now I really need to pull finger and get Munchkins humming, and manage our family expenses.  December was a ridiculous budget blow out - all on FOOD!  Anyone would think we feed a family of 12 the amount of money I spend on food!

All three of these goals relate to preparing for our new family addition in late April early May, and our aim to finally get married on our new bubba's first birthday in 2013 in Aitutaki, Cook Islands.  I'm finding it a bit scary to set a date and commit to it after 13 years together! Some how we will also get our beautiful home on the market and hope to buy a home with some land so we can have our own chooks, orchard and a veg garden that is big enough for the jungle like tomatoes I grow.  More recipes next post, and an update on Munchkins.

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  1. That all looks Devine! We have been making Wendy's daily bread and love it. Will post about and using rice flour and00 flour. Oh how i love your food