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Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Big THREE!

What a huge weekend we had here in the home of Munchkins!

Friday started with hearing exciting news from a friend; a wonderful personal achievement for this time of year, then making the Gingerbread dough and settling it in the fridge to freeze.  Cadell headed off to stay at my best friends house in the afternoon and I headed off to stock take at our local Kids Korner Toy Library in the evening (what a mission).  Despite having no child on Saturday morning I was up at 6:30am baking the gingerbread house, and tidying the house.  My fiancee and I had his work do at the Te Rapa races in the afternoon and my best friend and son were off to another friend's son's first birthday.  So it was a mad dash to get the house ready to construct and our house clean and tidy for family staying the night and guests arriving on Sunday for Cadell's party.

Off to the races we went and had a lovely time.  My sister and her family had come over from Papamoa to stay, and it is always lovely to have them here and have my sisters wonderful support.  By 9pm we had the little cousins in bed and asleep after all sorts of antics in their room!  9:15 we got into "Operation make the tramp"

NZtramps have great quality and well priced tramps.  My other half was vehemently opposed to getting a tramp for our son (lawn mowing obstacle, novelty will wear off and various other complaints!) but I went ahead and got the 12ft anyway.  When I rang about picking it up, they had none in stock 'til after Cadell's party!  I was gutted but the boss Matt rang me back and upgraded us to a 14ft tramp!  I was stoked, but needless to say, fiancee... not so impressed!  Thankfully we had the extra hands of my sister and her husband to put it together, and some near divorce moments!  We had it up and ready at 11:15.  Completely exhausted we all went to bed.

Sunday 5:30am both kids were awake!  We managed to keep them both happy and awake by going to pick berries at the "Olde Berry Farm" We now have about 1kg of strawberries too many so any suggestions for great strawberry recipes greatly appreciated!  Tired out the kids went to sleep, and so began the great house construction and decoration.  A total team effort came into play and this is what we got...

Complete with stained glass edible windows, strawberry patch, letter box, milk bottles at the gate, and Hansel's white pebbles he dropped to find his way back home.

I was completely stoked with it, and so were two of the kids at the party who pretty much sat beside it until it was finally time to sing happy birthday and eat it!  One was my niece who tried several times to get the ball rolling by just starting to sing, but she didn't have support and it was wasted.

The kids had a blast in the pool and on the tramp, or eating.  And Cadell, his Dad and I finally got to sleep on Sunday night about 9:30pm.

Cadell woke at 6:30 only to come upstairs saying he was sick, then started vomiting at 7:30 which has last all morning.

Our first Munchkins shipment is on its way to us as I write this from the Auckland port.  Really looking forward to getting our Munchkins stock in.

We now have an amazing shipping agent at Fliway Transport who have been incredible to deal with.

Brolly Sheets are in stock, and we have some gorgeous new Nici soft toys making their way to us.

Have a great Christmas everyone, and remember to sign up to win the cuddly Milo the Gorilla.

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