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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

In other news...

We are through the Chicken Pox and back to daycare goes my little man.  Cadell has the best daycare in the world, if you live in Hamilton and you want an at home care type of experience for your little Munchkins then please come and checkout Kowhai Childcare it is simply the best.  The staff are wonderful, the chef the best, and better still it isn't stuck by a busy road - in fact the kids look out to bare land at the moment.  All of the activities are based on the Steiner Philosophy, which ultimately means good old fashioned playing.  Here's my little guy after the "Spring Fair"
For those of you who don't know the story "The Gruffalo" He looks a little something like this.  My niece had the best Gruffalo party created by her clever Mumma, so the horns and ears are from his outfit I made for him, complete with purple prickles, knobbly knees and turned out toes.

And just because I love talking about my gorgeous wee boy, if you think he looks a little familiar, you may have seen him on the shop windows of RD1 stores, and in the mailer.  This is him last year on the window...
I think he just expects to know all children he sees in pictures now!

I also realised I didn't update my half marathon progress!  I got injured about 2 weeks out, I even had to get the other half to come and pick me up from a training run.  Lots of physio and resting, and hard core strapping meant I was able to run on the day - thank goodness otherwise it was 6 months training down the gurgler.  My training partner dropped me after about 1km, but that was ok I really wanted her to come in under 2 hours so that I felt that uninjured I could do under 2 also.  I was also 10 weeks pregnant, so was hardly going to push like the crazy lady doing the NY marathon who gave birth 3 hours after completing it!!!!  I was on track for 2hours, then 2hours 10 min, then 2 hours 15min, but eventually came home just under 2h17m, not too bad for up the duff and injured really.
I think this was with about 8km to go.  I'm holding my phone because I had serious doubts about my ability to complete the 21km.  I tried to smile when I saw the camera, rather than grimace, because I knew I wanted number 2 Munchkin to have a photo of running his/her first half.

  So my friend completed it in 1hour 55min!  She was super stoked, as was I.  Now I'm wondering if I can run it next year... 5 month old....probably still breastfeeding....hmmmm.

We are trying to confirm plans to have Munchkin #2's first birthday in Rarotonga, or Aitutaki really, because after what will be 2 1/2 years engaged and 14 years together it will really be about time!

Anyway, not much about Munchkins the website in this post sorry!  But at least some of my customers out there in Cyberspace know a little more about who you are dealing with here now.

One more post before Christmas, get following and subscribing to win Milo the Gorilla too!

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