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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Getting Close Now!

I have spent many hours in the night loading products onto our new webpage, which is great I'm learning a lot about how it all works.

The most exciting part is loading our new products, like Brolly Sheets yes that's right! Munchkins will be selling the amazing Brolly Sheets.  Click on the link to check out there page.

AND.....  we are the first NZ store to stock "Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy"  this is super exciting for us.  Minkie visited our wee friend down the road before her third Birthday to help her put her dummies away.  She has been truly magical as Em's hasn't ever asked for them again.

We will also be selling the beautiful Merino wraps and sleeping bags from Baby Bundles that I have talked about in previous posts.  My sister has been using the wrap and loves it for her baby girl.

We are just waiting for our Merchant details to be approved for our E Gate online payment system, and to tweak some of our designs on our product pages and we'll be away. 

I have decided to give up my part time teaching job, which I love doing, but it meant I was slipping behind on all things Munchkins, the business and the boy.  Cadell gets very aggressive when I get on the computer as he knows I switch off to him and I'm not present for him.  So I was finding the odd hour or two before work, in the wee hours of the night, or when he slept to get work done.  As you can imagine the house looks like a bomb site!

If you're interested you can check out our test link here to see what it looks like before we go live

Always happy to hear your feedback :-)

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