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Saturday, 17 September 2011


So much has happened since I last found time to post!   During the weekend of August 20, we attended the Gift Fair in Auckland.  It was fantastic to meet our wonderful suppliers face to face, and meet others who have products that I think will extend our range of quality children's bedding.

There are so many products available out there, it becomes difficult knowing where to draw the line and keeping a clear head about the direction and merchandise of your business.  There are several manufacturers that produce some beautiful and very cheaply priced duvets covers for kids beds.  They are generally printed onto polycotton so retail for around $60-$70.  I have ummmmed and arrred over this range, as it could add valuable stock turn over for us, and it would widen our market to include the more price conscious buyer.  However, I really don't want to lessen the value of our embroidered and hand quilted duvets, and hand made quilts, which are high end and exquisite.  At this stage we will keep to our Munchkins and Whimsy Ranges.

Munchkins have had two international orders!  To England and to Australia.  It amazes me that we can spread our name across the world!  Again I am surprised by the open communication that occurs via email.  Our wonderful Mum (customer) in the UK, found us and our Nici soft toys online after searching and making a previous order from Germany, only to receive the wrong product.  Of course I willingly sold her one of tigers, after emailing her a pic to make sure she got what she was after this time.  The Tiger was to replace her eight year old daughters little lost friend.  But this tiger had special significance, it had been a special friend since she lost her Dad earlier this year......  it was very rewarding knowing I was sending off something so little that meant so much to this little girl.  I think I even had a tear or two when her Mum told me the story of losing her husband at such a young age.  So wicked that the internet has come to her daughters rescue!

My confidence in our business has been boosted with two orders for Munchkins cot quilts which I have requested an early delivery for from our manufacturer.  Several orders in the last few weeks have been over $200, so maybe I can really keep Munchkins humming!

Our Web developers at Vo2, are steaming along with the new webpage coming together nicely.  Check it out here

Munchkins Web Development Project

Products aren't loaded correctly yet, but the links and pages are being built and put together.  I'm hoping that the page will go live in two weeks.  I am very anxious about this, one because a great deal of our Munchkins stock will only arrive mid-late October, and I think it is going to be very busy!  Which of course is a great thing.

I have sourced a new supplier for high quality Merino sleeping bags and snuggle wraps.  The Snuggle wraps are similar to my favourite Miracle Wraps that I haven't been able to source yet.  Baby Bundles have wonderful products and I am so proud that Munchkins can now stock these.

The wrap has a pocket at the botton for the baby's feet, and two equal length flaps to snuggly wrap around your bub, so they can't houdini out of them!

The instructions here show how the wrap works.  The quality of this merino is so fine and soft.  My sister is using one with her beautiful new baby girl, and has given it the thumbs up!

I am also interested to know, what do you look for in children's bedroom furniture?

Unfortunately my preferred furniture maker will not supply online only stores.

However! I have just found the beautiful Bloom Baby range.  Again it is high end, but incredible European styling.  Check it out and tell me what you think.
Bloom Baby Products
I predict the prices will be comparable to Touchwood products, I used a touchwood cot with my first.

I am also off to meet with the great and fantastic graphic designer friend who will help me set the font for our slogan, so we can get business cards and a sticker for the car underway, very exciting times.

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  1. Larve the bloom furniture! Just the sort of stuff I was looking for years ago for Ninny! The wrap from Baby Bundles. The fabric is very fine yet still fact I find my self preferring to use this wrap over my Merino Kids one. The progress report is very exciting. Looking forward to seeing more x