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Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Website wait is nearly over!!!

Wowee developing a new website is an intricate thing!  These web developers certainly earn their money the hard way. may possibly go live today!

Unfortunately it will go live without our ANZ E-Gate payment gateway, but we have a PayPal option.

We also don't have any stock yet!!!  The floods in Bangkok are holding up our delivery.  I'm really looking forward to this shipment, not only because then I might feel like I actually run a proper business!!!! but also because our new sample design of "Ladybug" is in there waiting for me to cast my eye over it!

Good news is that our new bags are ready to be approved.  I can't wait to ship off our products in our funky re-useable bags.

On a personal note my little boy has Chicken Pox, which has meant that all work (including house work!) has been put on hold while my little limpet doesn't let me out of his site.  Fortunately he has it very mildly with only about 40 spots in total.  We've had one particularly bad day, preceded by a few long sleepless nights, so now at least I can get some work done while he sleeps rather than sleep myself!

Sorry no pics on this post - no time for that today!

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