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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Re-launching Our Business

We bought "Munchkins" just over 10 days ago now, and what a massive 10 days it has been.

My dream is that one day this business will be the leader in Nursery and Children's Bedding - a one stop shop for bedroom and sleeping solutions.  With this, I hope I can then be a Mum full time to the first Munchkin on the scene, my beautiful two year old boy.

When we bought Munckins I was amazed at the work that the previous owner had done to set up manufacturers and suppliers, she however had the benefit of being a sewer, a skill I now dearly wish I had!

Now it seems that there is still so much work to be done, and perhaps we didn't research "e-commerce" all that well before we jumped into it.

Week one was almost entirely spent, ringing, faxing and emailing our suppliers to change over accounts.  I also hope to stock a greater range of products, so new accounts and relationships have to be developed.

Here's a wee sample of the beautiful hand quilted quilts we currently have in our range.

Jungle is my absolute favourite!  The colours are so rich and neutral, the Jungle Animals are cute and the quality of the hand stitching is simply beautiful.  Absolutely no mass produced, machine stitching involved in the quilting here at Munchkins!

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