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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Payment Security

How safe are your credit card details online?

Just this evening my partner had a call on his mobile, basically from a telemarketer.  When asked how the caller obtained his mobile number, he was told, "You will have purchased something online and entered this phone number and we access to all of those details".  Somewhat invasive, and it made me think about how often I blindly click "Accept Terms and Conditions" buttons without even glancing over the actual terms and conditions, possibly sending my personal details out to third parties.

In setting up Munckins I have also learnt a great deal about making secure payments or shopping online.  Using a secure third party such as PayPal, Pay Station and DPS are all incredibly safe and secure systems backed by web designers.  There is a thought out there that many Kiwi's don't like using PayPal, I have had my troubles personally with them, but they have always been incredibly efficient at solving my problems with phone calls, and follow up emails even with a transaction as small as $30.  I would be interested to hear what you think about PayPal or other online payment systems and if you have ever had any complications?

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