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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Invaluable Friends

You can't put a monetary value on friendships or any relationship really.  I was always amazed when I had Cadell (over two years ago now)  at how my very true friends who hadn't had kids yet were there for whatever I needed, and still are now.  Then there are my amazing friends that I may never have got to know as well as I do now if it weren't for our children and shared experiences of pregnancy and the challenges of being a Mum. 

My friend, who is very conveniently also my neighbour is an amazing and inspirational Mum.  She has a full time high flying job working with the government, and from home.  She is an incredible Mum, and together we met and worked with another massively talented woman Stacey Hancock - personal trainer and nutritionist.  I could rave on about Stacey and what she does all day, but better still read my testimonial on her website

Through Stacey's incredible knowledge of nutrition and our human bodies in general I went from being an often sick 69kg to a healthy and energetic 62kg.  See my tragic pictures below...
Its a little hard to see a lot of result in these pictures, but I lost a huge amount off my bum and boobs!  And I was probably about 64kg in the second pic.  Stacey also inspired my friend and I to train for a half marathon.  My friend had lost nearly 15kg through Stacey's Food First programme, and we were feeling up for a new challenge.  So that is why I have my racey lightening bolt yellow shoes on in the 2nd photo!  So my moral in this story is, friends are so important to me for so many reasons, and these friends apart from being incredible women have helped me become a more healthy and fit person.

Being a teacher affiliates you with a whole school community, so many new friends of all ages.  I once had the priveledge of teaching at Ohaupo School.  The best rural school I know.  My first class of kids are nearly old enough to be seen at the pubs, thank goodness I don't have a social life in town - I'd hear "Miss Williams!" across the dance floor!  I taught siblings in some families, and some I keep in contact with even now, four years after leaving the school.

My "School Community" friends, support me in what ever I do, so I try to help them in the small ways I can too.  I taught a gorgeous young girl Livi, who is now a talented and very mature young lady.  She is interested in Computer Science, so I took her along to my first consultation with a web designer, she never ceases to amaze me with her intuitive perception of the big wide adult world, at just 13 years of age.  Her family are wonderful people, and without friends like this, I wouldn't have a baby sitter for Munchkin #1 while I met the web designer!

"Hey! That's my digger!"
My "Girls", are my long time besties, friends that date back to Std 2, and Primary School Netball days!  All have wonderful talents and add fun, laughter, support, wine, good food, baby sitting, and numerous other things to my life. One is an amazing graphic designer, currently working for RD1, but was also Senior Art Director for "hER" magazine.  She made #1 Munchkin famous Nationwide in last years RD1 mailer and on shop windows around the country.  This beautiful friend will help Munckins out with her graphic work helping me design our new Munchkins Logo, catalogues, business cards and other printed material - better still her brother has a sign writing business!

Another talented friend and Mum to two, is Steph.  She can whip up anything with her super iron and sewing machine!  She has her new brand "Owl & Hedgehog" gorgeous Baby clothing shoes, dribble bibs, aprons, clutch looking change mats, nappy bags, and other things.  She came last week all the way from the bay, two kids (the Owl and the Hedgehog) in tow, overlocker, sewing machine and all the other bits required to sew up some new Munchkin quilt designs.  With out Steph, I'd still be sitting down hand sewing my sample to send to our manufacture right now, and making a right botch up of it!  Steph uses amazing fabric sourced from around the globe, so you can be sure what you buy from her is extremely unique, and made by a talented at home Mum.  Beautiful retro style fabrics.

"Photography by Sacha" another of my fun and talented friends, obviously an amazing photographer and Mum to two.  Another friend met through a "being a Mum" community. Has offered to teach me how to stage and shoot our beautiful hand made quilts and other products.  Check out her business on the link above.  Get in quick, Sacha is so amazing she is booked up about a year in advance!

My last "friend" I have to mention is by chance my inspirational sister.  Another qualified and highly experienced teacher and educational facilitator, stay at home fun, patient, and caring Mum, exceptional cook, wonderful wife and bestest sister I could ever ask for.  She continues to support and encourage me in whatever I do.  She has helped to contribute to my Munchkins journey by guiding me through this blog creation, and other online communities to gain exposure for our online business.  Thanks Sister you are incredible!  You can read her blog here "Through a Focused Lenz"

So to all of my wonderful friends, you add so much to my life and all have contributed in some way or another to our Munchkins journey.  Thanks for just being you!

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  1. wow thanks heaps for lovely comment on me! Just wish you werent so busy so me and isla could see you and cadell more