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Friday, 23 March 2012

Making Space for the New Munchkin

As our family will be growing in about five weeks time, we have decided its time to seriously reduce the amount of stock we have stored in our house!

Also as my puku keeps getting better it is making getting in and out of the car when its parked in the garage amongst precariously stored stock a little tricky, as it is Cadell gets himself in the car, then we back out, then I do up his safety belt – not so great on a rainy day!

So we have some super amazing specials happening in our five week countdown til birth, watch our facebook page closely for more details.

We are also trialing our Munchkin designs as duvet covers, rather than quilts.  A friend once told me “Quilts are great for cots but not for beds, because you really have to purchase a duvet inner or other blankets anyway and the costs just add up”  for some stupid reason I didn’t consider this even when, a long time before owning munchkins I bought a quilt for my sons bed, then an inner then another plain duvet cover.  So the Munchkins Duvet Covers were born!  We have these listed on Trade Me to test the market out and again try and get some stock moving out so I can fit in the garage.  So far Gracies Garden and On the Farm are proving the most popular.  My favourite is by far the Fly Away design, however its not me buying them so what do I know….

Lucky Hamiltonians.  If you live in Hamilton, and take your Munchkin to a local daycare, swim school or happen to be at one of our great birth centres then keep your eyes peeled for our coupon codes to get you a special 10% discount of anything on our website.

After close analysis of our Website analytics I have noticed that we get great referral traffic from however our cots sales are almost non-existent.  I was perplexed and began some investigations.  I had priced our cots at the RRP given by Touchwood, and it turns out our competitors were selling them at $80-$90 cheaper than we were and offering free shipping, so $120 -$130 better than we were selling them.  So after some number crunching and some patience testing on our website, we are now price competitive so I hope our cot sales increase.  LESSON LEARNED: check out the competition!

Business aside, if you’re in the Waikato, today's Times pictured a VERY cute little boy on page 3, that’s our Cadell.
 This photo was taken at our much loved Kowhai Childcare Centre.  We were interviewed as our family is part of the "Growing up in NZ" research.  We are more like the trial run guinea pigs, or as they call us the "Leading Light Pilot Group".  There may perhaps be more photos in Saturday's paper too.  The Waikato Times are covering this as the new research findings at 9 months of age are released today.  Very interesting reading

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