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Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Look Munchkins!

Wow what an exciting few weeks it has been for Munchkins!
My girlfriends and I aim to take a weekend off to just "hang out" at our friend's parent's bach at Whangamata.  It is such an awesome space to be away from the piercing eyes of housework and the demands of children.  The first time we did this trip over a year ago, it rained almost non-stop!  Perfect weather to watch Steel Magnolias, Bridget Jones Diary, and what ever else we could get our hands on.  We ate Bing's Chocolate Truffles (recipe below), and drunk wine.  Nothing better, especially surrounded by your best friends.

This time however was a Munchkins development weekend.  My friend and graphic designer, Leen's took her laptop up and created the new branding for Munchkins - much more modern and fitting with our new extended range.
The colour combo of grey and teal are my favourites!  The little munchkin animals carry some continuity from the previous branding, and "pink" it up a bit.  By the way the pink animal is meant to be a Kiwi!

I've also been in contact with a local interior design company who are interested in developing a partnership with us.  We haven't discussed details yet, but I'm hoping they will be able to match fabrics for upholstery, drapes/blinds, wallpapers, and paint colours that will team up with our beautiful hand made quilts.

Our manufacturer is underway with our first big order.  Our South African stockist is ready to order her first shipment for her new stores "Cranberri Babi"  This is our first stockist of exclusive Munchkins Quilts under our ownership so we wish Marilize the best success with her new business.  Especially because she also aims to be able to spend more time with her beautiful boy by having her own business too!

We are finally getting our new courier bags sorted, a postman sak style which is waterproof, meaning our products can be shipped in these reusable bags.  These have come at somewhat of an unexpected expense, but I hope that they continue to advertise our business as parents use them for swimming bags, book bags, nappy bags whatever bags!

We have received two separate orders from suppliers, including Nici Soft Toys; our ever popular Giraffe, and the cutest Elephant I have ever seen!  And the beautiful Whimsy Duvet Covers, so beautiful, more so in the real.  As I have said before, I'm not really into Pink but the REAL detail in 'Blossom Pink" is stunning.
It is the kind of design that once you receive it you will be far more impressed than what what you previously thought.

Our new website is getting closer and closer.  I can't wait until it is launched!

The only downer of the last few weeks is that Cadell (Munchkin #1) has another cold, and has had very bad asthma as a result, nothing the nebulizer can't fix!  Though he has also watched a shed load of TV due to my busy-ness (or business?) and I sometimes wonder if this new adventure means I will have more or less time with him?!?!?!

Try these AWESOME decadent, indulgent truffles!  Simple recipe but a little finicky to make, but TOTALLY worth the effort!

1 pot of cream cheese
2 packets of mint slice (mint treats) biscuits
1 block of Dark Chocolate

In a food processor crush biscuits, add cream cheese.  Freeze for 10-15minutes to make it easier to roll into balls.

Melt chocolate in a double boiler (don't boil the water!  You will burn the chocolate, and it will go chalky. Straight from the kettle is good)

Dip the rolled balls into chocolate, leave to set.  DEVOUR!!!!

These are best kept in the freezer, especially when its warmer.  I've made these with Oreos, but I fund the mixture quite dense. White Choc Tim Tams covered in white chocolate - devine! And Berry sensations, covered in milk chocolate, almost like a Jelly Tip.

Enjoy!  See you in the next adventures of Munchkins!

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  1. I can't believe you posted that delicious recipe - hopefully I do not get time to make them between now and due date/arrival! Otherwise I will be in trouble.
    The new logo looks grand and love the colour combo....almost the colours I have chosen for Munchkin's cousins room!
    Loving your posts - so human and so informative.